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Speech Theory is a therapy company serving clients locally and internationally through an online digital based platform. Teletherapy is the therapy platform of the FUTURE. We are providing teletherapy in the state of Texas and in the Caribbean. 

Here at Speech Theory we BELIEVE each client has a right to specialized therapy delivered in a model that promotes autonomy. Whether that is in the comfort of your home, on vacation, and everything in between. We believe our services transcend borders, reaching clients with communication disorders all over the world.

Our MISSION is to serve clients of all ages, assisting in the development of new skills while rehabilitating others. We strive to help each individual gain a level of communication that gives them the freedom to flourish and function independently in an ever-evolving society.

We ENVISION reaching every child and adult seeking assistance in excelling academically, socially, and beyond. By 2025, we will be serving clients throughout the U.S. & the Caribbean.

- Partnering with families and schools abroad

- Expanding our footprint in the world of therapy

- Developing resources accessible across the globe

This new Digital Based structure is meant to compliment the lifestyle of clients and families on the go. 



Founder and Speech-Language Pathologist

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